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Hair Thinning

Around the world, a growing number of adults are beginning to realize the dramatic role nutrition plays in hair health. Many aim to find a balanced approach to total body health and wellness, especially as it relates to the health of their hair.

However, with this new awareness comes growing concerns. What actually constitutes good hair care? And how can you prevent and manage hair problems like hair thinning, should they occur?

What makes hair thinning a special health concern?

A growing number of medical and hair restoration experts believe that hair health is often used as a barometer to measure one's general health status. A full head of hair gives both men and women the ability to enter any professional or personal situation with confidence.

How much hair thinning is cause for alarm? What are the most common causes for hair thinning?

While a few strands of hair on your pillow or in the shower is normal, a large and consistent amount of shedding should be a concern. About 50 to 100 hairs lost per day is considered normal - Any more than that should be a call for immediate action.

In the case of temporary hair thinning, personal circumstances such as emotional stress (e.g. anxiety), lack of proper nutrition, thyroid malfunction, and high cholesterol can all influence the amount and rate at which hair is lost.

However, once these problems are eliminated, most cases see dramatic improvement with the use of proven hair thinning products and solutions. For women, hair thinning can be due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause. It may also be the result of a side effect to specific pills. Both sexes can lose hair from harsh medical treatments like chemotherapy as well.

Problems with hair thinning can also be attributed to underlying and serious degenerative health issues. In addition, many adults have a "genetic inclination" regarding hair loss; meaning that the patterns of their hair loss are inherited from one or both parents. Regardless of its origin, determining the cause of hair thinning remains paramount to finding the right course of treatment.

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