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Hair Thinning Causes

Thinning hair and hair loss are common problems that should be discussed openly - without fear or embarrassment. Today, a greater number of men and women are eagerly seeking the next revolutionary and unique treatments that promise relief from the causes of thinning hair.

In addition, although 60 million Americans are currently suffering from some form of hair loss or thinning, it seems the most common concern regarding hair health is that of appearance -mainly graying. The fact is that the graying of one's hair is a natural consequence of aging, as is hair thinning and hair loss. Both age-related occurrences can be attributed to the natural degeneration of the human body and cell growth (i.e., getting older).

When it comes to hair, many mundane, day-to-day signs that hair loss may be occurring are often overlooked by the masses. However - for men especially - a hairbrush full of hair and a balding crown are key indicators that hair is being lost at an unusual rate. But as you may have discovered, excessive hair on your comb or brush and a balding crown are just the beginning.

Determining the exact cause of such disorders is extremely important. By doing so, all individuals suffering from this detrimental disorder can find effective remedies after an accurate diagnosis.
Receiving an accurate diagnosis for hair loss by medical experts not only helps you get to the root of the problem, but also can determine the success of your hair loss treatment.

It's nearly impossible for people that are suffering from hair loss to identify the root cause of their thinning hair by themselves. And, when the cause fails to be identified, many sufferers get the wrong type of treatments. Moreover, they are often apprehensive when seeking an effective natural hair loss therapy or fast-acting prescription-based hair loss treatment when trying to counter the effects of hair loss.

The importance of identifying the causes of thinning hair cannot be stressed enough as it is the cause that will determine the nature and course of treatment most. For many middle-aged patients, the cause of thinning hair is usually genetic. However, this is not always the case and balding and/or hair loss can be attributed to a multitude of other health condition. Some of the main causes of thinning hair include:

  1. Certain diseases
  2. Scalp infections
  3. Overuse of harmful hair treatments (synthetic dyes, perming etc.)
  4. Prescription medications
  5. Cancer treatments (e.g., chemotherapy)
  6. Drug/Alcohol addiction
  7. Eating disorders
  8. Inadequate nutrition
  9. Hormonal change

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