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Hair Thinning Cures

Not all hair loss treatments are created equal. That said, differentiating between myths and proven treatment options for hair loss can be a difficult and time consuming process.

However, it remains critical for all hair loss/thinning sufferers to develop an understanding of what constitutes healthy hair-care, while exposing bogus treatments and ineffective therapies. Doing so ensures lifelong wellbeing for not only the individuals' hair, but for the individuals themselves.

In this section, we attempt to uncover the common misconceptions for thinning hair, and present ancient cures and time-tested remedies that remain in practice throughout the world today. We will also provide insight into what constitutes an effective hair health regimen.

Regional approaches regarded as "exceptional" cures for thinning hair:

Among today's many conventional and alternative cures for thinning hair, such as pills, creams, and lasers, there still exists hair thinning remedies that have been handed down through the ages. Different cultures across the world have utilized one or more natural agents to combat their hair loss problems.

For example, people of ancient Egypt believed it quite natural to use an application of chopped lettuce patches on bald spots to cure their hair 'woes'. Min, the Egyptian god of virility, was linked with lettuce and this natural cure for thinning hair was considered to be the number one hair-care remedy for the Egyptians. They also utilized a massage oil that contained extracts from the fir tree. This laborious process involved taking the resin out of the tree and making an infusion from the needles. It was then rubbed onto the scalps of the person affected by hair loss.

Much like the Egyptians, many Indians swear by the regular use of castor oil to encourage hair growth; not only for hair on the scalp, but also on the eyelashes. In fact, the ancient science of Ayurveda, a 5000 year old herbal practice, still thrives in many parts of India. The success of these natural therapies (Ayurveda) has lead many hair restoration therapists to utilize castor oil. It is often mixed with sweet almond oil as an effective remedy for thinning hair. Both almond oil and castor oil are thought to improve scalp circulation and are easy to spread on the scalp.

On the whole, Indians tend to have good hair genetics, implying these remedies have been particularly effective. Interestingly, head massages constitute a major part of hair care rituals in most parts of India.

This practice is also seen in Africa. African tribes of the past followed a ritual consisting of fragrant hair tonics (olive oil steeped with flowers) to raise a healthy head of hair.

In the Victorian era, it was common practice in America to apply a mixture of cologne, spirit of camphor, and tincture of cantharides to the hair roots every night.

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