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Hair Thinning in Men

The majority of men with hair thinning issues suffer from extreme stress and anxiety. This is largely due to specific lifestyle, environmental and medical factors. All of these circumstances contribute to the frequency with which hair disorders are occurring in men today.

Therefore, it remains critical for men with thinning problems to determine the primary cause of the condition. This process should begin with a proper consultation by a qualified physician. He/she can have sufferers undergo medical testing and with the medical expert's guidance, men at various stages of hair loss can confidently explore hair thinning treatment options.

Reasons for hair thinning problems in men

Studies have shown that when taken over prolonged periods of time, certain medications and other conventional treatments can strongly influence the rate at which hair is lost. Most problems are seen with medicines that are used to treat various diseases. They work on the principle of adding a hormone to the system to combat what could prove to be a life-threatening condition. However, these same compounds also affect the hair. For example, a large percentage of cancer patients lose their hair when undergoing chemotherapy. Soon after treatment, the hair re-grows, at times with various texture and color differences.

Excessive or frequent bouts of stress and strain are also thought to be a major contributor of thinning hair. Stress can be from environmental and emotional sources and both are capable of triggering an early or sudden onset of hair thinning or patchy baldness - both of which are different from the typical pattern of male hair loss. Ironically, patients experiencing hair loss from stress tend to feel more stress due to their thinning hair, resulting in greater hair loss.

Some experts feel that these stress-related hair problems may also be a result of other issues, including an underlying medical condition that needs to be identified or treated correctly. Others believe a lack proper nutrition to be the culprit, especially those susceptible to fad and fast food diets.

Remedy for hair thinning in men: A safe and scientific option

Remedies for hair thinning can be as simple as high-doses of B vitamins, the deficiency of which causes thinning hair. A special emphasis is placed upon vitamin B-6 and enriching the diet with foods filled with the same vitamin. Thousands of foods contain B-vitamin compounds, like beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, bran, nuts and eggs.

Besides natural remedies for thinning hair, many men employ 'voodoo' solutions. These products are pitched online, the television, newspapers, magazines, etc. These products are more of an expense than a benefit and many are not validated by any scientific study. With the exception of certain approved prescription and over-the-counter drugs, natural health solutions should provide users with safe, effective, and proven options.

One such scientifically proven method that works to stop thinning hair in men is known as Procerin designed to help conquer the root of hair thinning in men to keep and restore thinning and lost hairs.

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