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Hair Thinning Treatment

Hair loss is a very common condition affecting over 60 million Americans and countless more around the world. Treatment for hair loss seems as plentiful as the number of people suffering from the disease. Treatments for this disorder have existed for over 5000 years. Ancient texts in Egypt, India, China and many parts of Europe reveal strong efforts to eradicate the "hair thinning" problem.

However, despite some success thousands of years ago, we are only now beginning to understand the full complexity of the hair loss process. Its causes and treatments are much different than what the ancients could have ever imagined.

Who needs hair thinning treatment?

Both men and women suffering hair loss and hair thinning can benefit from hair thinning treatments that fulfill these primary concerns:

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety (i.e. side-effect free)
  • Affordability.

While it is true that the majority of hair treatments and advertisements target men, many women also search for natural and allopathic hair thinning treatments as well. Both sexes aim to find a fix for their hair thinning problems before hair loss becomes noticeable, as the psychosocial impact of hair thinning can be devastating.

Men and women suffering from hair thinning and/or hair loss often suffer from a lack of self-esteem and virility. Surveys also reveal that individuals with hair issues are prone to image-disorders. Women tend to be more emotionally susceptible to this condition. Companies try to exploit this fact and con women into buying them quick-fix hair thinning treatments that are ineffective.

What are some of the choices in hair thinning treatment today?

Baldness and hair loss are some of the major hair health concerns of both middle-aged and young men and women. While there are many hair thinning treatments available today, the most important step towards permanent and safe hair restoration therapy is a consultation with a physician.

Although hair thinning caused by genetics may not always be effectively treated, there have been a few prescription medications worthy enough to gain widespread medical approval, such as dutasteride and finasteride. Each has been promoted to help those with male pattern balding.

Many women are usually prescribed another common drug solution - minoxidil 2%. Men also use this product and it is available over-the-counter (OTC) at many local retailers. This drug is applied directly to the scalp. Other hair thinning remedies include alternative treatments like herbal oil massages, acupuncture, aromatherapy and restorative remedies like hair transplants.

Want to be a smart shopper and arm yourself with adequate, credible information about the authenticity of hair thinning treatments offered by manufacturers today? Would you like to save money, time, and health?

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