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Thinning Hair in Women

The reasons for thinning hair in both men and women are as unique as one's reaction to having such a detrimental disorder. Realizing this, medical experts have directed their attention towards the individual treatment needs for an entire population.

Today, it still remains a top priority for all hair loss sufferers to find gender appropriate solutions for treating their disorder. Doing so insures that female hair loss sufferers will yield the same results from quality hair loss treatments as males do.

Common myths and misconceptions about hair loss and thinning hair in women:

Hair experts from various fields of medicine and alternative therapy agree that genetic causes for hair thinning are the most common reason for all hair loss. For example, genetic male and female pattern hair loss (scientifically referred to as androgenic alopecia) has been shown to be a genetic disorder. The condition is not a result of inadequate scalp circulation, the clogging of hair follicles by dust, sweat, or dandruff, as some uninformed individuals claim.

In addition, myths about thinning hair in women like microscopic scalp mites, wrong shampoos for a particular hair type, donning constrictive head gear (e.g., helmets), Alice bands and tight rubber bands have all been completely disproven.

Frequent or indiscriminate use of even high quality hair-care products can also adversely affect the manageability and styling of a woman's hair and, in some select cases, cause extensive hair breakage. However, this is not the cause of thinning hair or hair loss in women.

There is a certain genetic code within each woman that determines the fate of each single hair follicle - the tiny organ in the skin that generates hair in different parts of the body, e.g., eyelashes, brows, under-arms, upper lip, back, arms, etc.

The same genetic code also decides what a woman's hair color, hair length, curl, and hair-shaft diameter will be. Similarly, hair health is pre-determined by biological inheritance and can also react to certain influential hormones. Thus it can be said that like men, hair thinning and loss in women is caused by hormones and inherited DNA.

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